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Pro Neutral Density Filter ND1000 - 10 STOP

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PRO NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER ND1000 - 10 STOPIf you are confused about the number of stops and rating of ND filters then 10 Stop (ND1000) is a very good start and will work in all sunlight hours of the day.Control the amount of light in your image so you can create long exposures. Shoot in bright light without overexposing your images. you can use slower shutter speeds to create dramatic effects that emphasize movement. Master the long exposure!!!Videographers use the Pro ND in bright conditions for more consistent even light and color. Minimize your time spent in post-production by taking better content in camera.BENEFITSCompatible with all major camera brands.ND filters - landscape gives you smokey-looking water or sky.ND tricks the lens to keep the shutter open for longer.ND1000-10 Stop works in all sunlight hours of the day.Anti-reflective coating.Color neutrality.No color casting.Waterproof coating.Easy to clean.Japanese AGC optical glass 1.1mm thickness.Aluminum frame constructed with copper line.Slim filter frames help avoid vignetting.Designed to still have lens cap attached.PRO-TIPYou should always use a tripod when shooting with an ND filter.GUARANTEE Lifetime Guarantee - If you break it We replace it.

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